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Corporate Afforestation Scheme

Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department of the Government launched the Corporate Afforestation Scheme in 1998 to involve corporates in forest restoration work. CA partners with various corporations to carry out tree planting and caring events in different sites. With the knowledge and expertise in trees and the nature, CA helped coordinate those events, plan planting strategies, select appropriate species, advice planting methods and conduct monitor and caring work. With the effort of CA and our partner corporations, young woodlands were established in barren hillsides. From time to time, volunteers from corporations joined us to carry out improvement work such as weeding and fertilizing.

Tree planting and caring work improves the ecological environment. The importance of forest protection is further promoted by involving corporate staff.

Previous events under the Corporate Afforestation Scheme:


Afforestation site Year Corporation
Po Lo Che (Ma On Shan Country Park) 2006 Hang Seng Bank
Tai Lam Country Park 2007 Hang Seng Bank
Tai Lam Country Park 2007 & 2012 Aeon
Tai Lam Country Park 2014 & 2015 Deutsche Bank
Po Lo Che, Ma On Shan Country Park
大欖郊野公園 - 恒生銀行
Tai Lam Country Park - Hang Seng Bank
大欖郊野公園 - 永旺
Tai Lam Country Park - Aeon
大欖郊野公園 - 德意志銀行
Tai Lam Country Park - Deutsche Bank