Board of Directors Profiles

Dr. S. S. Chung

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Having graduated in 1996 from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Dr. Chung Shan-shan is currently a Senior Lecturer of the Biology Department and the Director of the MSc in Environmental and Public Health Management Programme at the Hong Kong Baptist University. From 1991-2003 and 2015-date, she has been a Director of the Conservancy Association (CA). She is also the current Chairperson of CA.


Her research has been focused on waste and environmental policies of Hong Kong and various issues related to waste management and recycling behaviour.  She has also served as advisors to the Hong Kong Government on many waste management policy making and facility planning issues.  She is now a member of the Licensing Appeals Board, Recycling Fund Advisory Committee, the Harbourfront Commission (representing CA) and the Fishermen Claims Appeal Board For the Registration Exercise of Ex-gratia Allowance Applications by Fishermen of Vessels (Exceeding 15m in Length affected by Marine Works in Hong Kong Waters of the Hong Kong Government.  She has also completed her membership with the Advisory Council on Food and Environmental Hygiene and the Fishermen Claims Appeal Board (Trawl Ban).

Dr. Winnie W. Y. Law

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Dr Winnie Law has been a director of the Conservancy Association since 2005 and is currently the Vice Chair. Dr Law is the Deputy Director and Principal Lecturer at the Centre for Civil Society and Governance of The University of Hong Kong. She teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses on sustainable development, community planning and environmental management. She also works with a team of researchers and conducts policy research, action research and knowledge exchange projects on rural revitalization, social innovation, community engagement and corporate sustainability.


Dr Law served on a number of HKSAR Government’s advisory committees including Advisory Council for the Environment, Environment and Conservation Fund Committee, Board of Trustees of Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund, and Assessment Panel of Innovation and Technology Fund for Better Living. At the regional level, Dr Law was commissioned by the EU and UNDP as a planning and social monitoring expert for their city planning and environmental management programmes in Vietnam. Dr Law is a professional member of Hong Kong Institute of Qualified Professionals and Environmental Management Association for Hong Kong. 

Mr. Eric C. K. Wong

Having graduated in 1987 from the University of Hong Kong, Mr. Wong Chi Keung has been serving Sing Yin Secondary School, as a biology teacher (1987-2009), as an assistant principal (2009-2014) and as the Principal (2014-now). He got a master degree in school improvement and leadership from Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2013. He initiated the formation of Environmental Education Committee and Environmental Protection Club in the school. He was once a voluntary helper in Conservancy Association from 1987-1995. In recent years, he helped the school to obtain the Greenest School on Earth Award 2013. Personally, he was awarded the 2015 ECO Stars Award.


He is now the Chairman of Kwun Tong Schools Liaison Committee, Chairman of Environmental Campaign Committee (Education Working Group), Director of The Conservancy Association, Treasurer of Kowloon Region School Heads Association,

Committee member of Committee on the Professional Development of Religious Education Teachers in Hong Kong Catholic Schools, Committee member of Catholic Diocesan Catechetical Commission, Vice-Chairman of Catholic Religious School Council (Secondary School), Committee member of Area Committees (Kwun Tong), Committee Member of Kwun Tong District Civic Education Committee and Scout Association of Hong Kong (Kowloon Bay District).

Mr. Simon W. F. Yick

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Engaging in direct investments and merger & acquisition activities; acting as the Independent Non Executive directors of several companies being listed in Hong Kong .

Joined the Association in 1975 and has been appointed as the Hon. Treasurer of the Association since 1992.

Hobbies: Hiking, Travelling & Reading.

Mr. S. K. Chan

Self Photos / Files - ShuMr Chan  joined the Youth Environmental Action Group of the Conservancy Association back in 1974 and  played an active role in leading a number of committees and working groups.


As an Architect,  he has been  advocating sustainable development and green architecture, with remarkable achievements in shaping an environmentally friendly campus when he was working as PolyU’s  Director of Campus Development.   He was, for many years,  also a Member of Environment and Sustainable Development Committee of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects.


He has been providing professional advice in the planning and management of the Nam Cheong Urban Forestry Centre project since August 2019, initially as an Honorary Advisor and then the Chairman of the Project Steering Committee.  

Ms. Betty S. F. Ho, MH

Self Photos / Files - bettyBetty joined the Association in 1975 as a member of the Youth Environment Action Group. In 1992, she became a member of the Executive Committee of the Conservancy Association (the current board). She was Vice-chairperson from 1999 to 2005, and Chairperson from 2005 to 2009. She was a member of Advisory Council on Environment, Country and Marine Parks Board, Sustainable Development Council. Being a professional town planner, she aims at striking a balance between development and environmental protection to achieve Sustainable Development.

Mr. Victor Kwong

Mr. Victor Kwong is Chairman of Environmental Committee, Institute of ESG & Benchmark, Advisory Panel Member of Practising Governance, Committee Member of Sustainability Professionals Association and Part-time Senior Consultant of HK Green Building Council. He retired from Towngas in late 2022 and was General Manager - Corporate Sustainability. He has also been Director of Business Environment Council as well as Founding President of Hong Kong Federation of Occupational Safety and Health Associations.


Mr. Kwong has more than 40 years of experience with proven expertise in corporate sustainability, environmental protection, energy saving, occupational health and safety, fire protection, crisis management and security protection. He has consistent track records of achieving organizational goals by improving sustainability and safety performance through effective risk management systems, energy saving programs, carbon reduction, climate change risk reduction.

Dr. Michelle M. S. Law

Self Photos / Files - michelleDr. Michelle Law is a Lecturer at the School of Life Sciences, CUHK teaching Biology and Environmental Sciences. Michelle obtained her Bachelor’s degree and MPhil degree at HKU and subsequently her PhD degree at CUHK. Her research interests are soil ecology and ecosystem functioning, and environmental education.
Dr. Law has also served as a member of the Endangered Species Advisory Committee (ESAC) and Agricultural Products Scholarship Fund Advisory Committee (APSFAC) of HKSAR government and as the Director of Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong (OWLHK). She is also ISA Certified Arborist and holder of Lantra Awards certificate (UK). 

Mr. Edmond Leung

Self Photos / Files - edmondEdmond graduated from the University of British Columbia, majoring in Psychology and Economics. He then started working at Goldman Sachs LLC in 2001 to put forward what he learnt in school at work.

In 2012, he attended the program “How to be a social entrepreneur” at the University of Hong Kong by Professor K. K. Tse, and in the same year, he started Bijas Vegetarian Restaurant at the University of Hong Kong with three other co-founders, establishing the first ever vegetarian restaurant on a university campus. In 2013, he further pursued his ideals for the environment and co-founded Smiley Planet with Miriam & Wilson, advocating for the public to observe deep within themselves to induce a behavioural change for the better of themselves and the planet. In 2015, he completed his Permaculture Design Course and wish to better connect human to the land via his farm designs. He believes that planting seeds in the mind is just as important as planting seeds in the soil. He is also a member of the Environmental Campaign Committee.

Ms. Lucy K. P. Woo

Self Photos / Files - lucyRetired Principal 


For the last few decades, time did not only turn me from a student to a principal, but also changed Hong Kong to a more eco-friendly society. With the environmental policies introduced by Hong Kong government, it is not hard to tell that an increasing number of people are gradually making more efforts on environment protection, such as “reduce, reuse, and recycle”, and I believe that is more or less related to our proactive conservancy work we have done for the environment.


Ever since I joined the Conservancy Association, my understanding and knowledge about environmental protection work became more in-depth, I learnt from the earth language that we must not leave the damages to the next generations nor nature itself to heal, instead we must do it by ourselves, as to be convincing enough to affect the others, to maintain an ideal home land for our next generations together. Therefore I have been holding onto my faith, leading students in treating our planet nicely, also I personally have been participating in volunteer work continually for the sake of spreading green messages. We wholeheartedly wish that with everyone’s effort, Hong Kong will eventually become one of the best places for people to live, and by having a healthy ecological environment, this city will be a happy and home land for every living creature to stay.

Dr. W. T. Yan

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PhD (University of Hong Kong, School of Biological Sciences)

MSc (University of Hong Kong, Environmental Management)

MA (University of Warwick, Economics)

BSocSc (University of Hong Kong, Economics and Statistics)


Current positions

Director, Pearl Power Research Institute Limited


Community services

Director, The Hong Kong Marine Ecological Association

Council member, the Hong Kong Society for the Blind (HKSB)

Member, Eye Care & Vocational Services Committee, HKSB

Director, Barrier Free Access (HK) Ltd., HKSB

Member, The Advisory Committee on Agriculture and Fisheries, Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, HKSAR

Member, Fish Marketing Advisory Board, Agriculture and Fisheries, Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, HKSAR


Dr. Yan started his early career in the financial sector.  His PhD research was about pearl oyster culture in Hong Kong at the School of Biological Sciences, University of Hong Kong.  He specialized in pearl oyster culture, biofouling control in aquaculture and aquaculture economics.   In addition, he has been actively engaged in community services and the conservation and aquaculture sectors.