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Corporate Partnership Scheme - Green Builder

Corporates and business sectors are important and influential stakeholders in the society. The Conservancy Association (CA) believes that sustainable development can only be achieved through cross-sectoral partnerships. We call for corporate partners who share the same objective to join our corporate Partnership Scheme “Green Builder”. The scheme would allow us to reach out to more stakeholders in the society with the latest environmental message and education programmes, including staff training, volunteer activities, and guided eco-tour. Key topics include wetland conservation, tree conservation and energy conservation to reduce carbon emission. All these aim at raising the environment awareness in the wider community of Hong Kong and strengthening the public environment commitment through capacity building in staff, encouraging more green actions. 

“Green Builder” would also help the supporting corporate excel in corporate social responsibility (CSR). The Conservancy Association wishes to engage with companies of any size as long as they are committed to achieving environmental sustainability and are willing to pioneer green practice in the workplace. 


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The “Green Builder” Scheme is available at any time over the year, and the membership will be valid for a period of one year.


“Eco-Rangers” is an annual Fund-raising event by The Conservancy Association. Participants will experience a distinctive orienteering game in a Country Park. We believe it would be a great promotion opportunity for corporate to being promoted through the sponsoring this event. A better communication with customers and a green corporate image can also be built. We also encourage corporates to participate in the event to enhance internal team spirit. 

Ways to support:

-          Making sponsorship for the event

-          Sponsoring prizes

-          Sponsoring your own corporate team

-          Sponsoring student groups, others NGOs team or low-income family to join

We will have different ways and products to acknowledge the sponsors in public. For further enquiry, please contact our Branding & Development Manager at Tel: 2272 0306, Email: