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Hang Seng - CA Eco-Rangers

Total Participants up to 2021:6,808

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Green Education x Orienteering "Hang Seng - CA Eco-Rangers"


  • Since 2015, one of the biggest CA annual fundraising events! Title sponsored by Hang Seng Bank!  
  • Around 7,000 participants from education, athletic, entertainment, financial, commercial and charitable field have engaged in!
  • Creative, interesting and down-to-earth. Connecting the concept of defeating monster and environmental protection!
  • Green Education X Orienteering, an alternative fundraising activity organized by CA!
  • A wide range of events from internet to reality! Professionals from music & film industry!
  • Over $16,000,000 EAV has been achieved!


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URGENT: Looking for Eco-Rangers to clean the countryside


Bound by the pandemic, people are unable to travel abroad and in their boredom, they choose to visit Hong Kong’s countryside instead, enjoying nature through activities like hiking, picnic and camping. Unfortunately, Plastic Trasher and Flame Thrower have also made their way outdoors, exploiting the environment as they leave destruction in their wake. How despicable!

Plastic Trasher loves to bring takeaway foods and snacks to the countryside, only to throw them away after it finishes eating. The resulting rubbish is often scattered by the wind onto trees, and into bushes and streams, polluting the environment. Whereas Flame Thrower makes fire everywhere in the mountains, from smoking to clearing grass to cooking, till the land becomes barren and wildfires spread far and wide.


Last year, Eco-Rangers braved the hot weather to clean 8 popular hiking trails, all to restore the countryside to its former glory. According to their report, they collected a worrying amount of small trash, e.g. plastic bottles, plastic bags, snack packages, candy wraps, cigarettes etc. Sadly, Plastic Trasher and Flame Thrower command a large army, so Eco-Rangers were unable to remove everything. Therefore, we are making a comeback this year - we must recruit more Eco-Rangers to form Countryside Cleaning Teams, to help assess the current situation in the countryside, remove the rubbish, and rescue recyclable resources.