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Event Details

During the pandemic, Plastic Trasher went on a rampage, leaving behind rubbish all over the countryside. To restore the environment to its original state, Eco-Rangers have repeatedly gone to country parks and beaches to engage in hill and beach cleaning. They not only remove litter from mountains, fields, and coastlines but also recycle recyclables left behind by humans, allowing the recyclables to enter the realm of a circular economy.


As COVID-19 subsided, the littering problem of the countryside remained unresolved while the threat of global warming crept ever closer. The greenhouse effect has led to rising temperatures on Earth; nowhere is safe from the attack of heatwaves. The Hong Kong Observatory has also added the “Extremely Hot” weather warning, evidence that the issue is right at our doorstep.


Extreme weather has brought disasters to all parts of the world, including severe wildfires in Canada, Hawaii, Greece, Australia and more. Prolonged high temperatures have evaporated water from the Earth’s surface and vegetation, causing forests to become dry and highly flammable. This creates the perfect conditions for wildfires, where even a tiny spark can trigger a massive blaze, engulfing entire woodlands. Large trees provide shade for humans and play a crucial role in mitigating climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The bigger and older the trees are, the more carbon can be stored. If forests around the globe shrink significantly, there will be far fewer trees to take up carbon; at the same time, carbon stock in trees will be released into the atmosphere, increasing the carbon dioxide and worsening the impact of global warming.


Our countryside is no stranger to man-made hill fires. In the face of such challenges, Eco-Rangers must gather at once to defend the environment!







Sunday, 17 December 2023


Aberdeen Country Park

Map Format:

International Standard Orienteering Map in scale 1:10000 and 5m contour interval (1:10000, VI 5m)

Punching and Timing:

Chinahealth Electronic Punching and Timing System

(Provided by the Organizer)

Event Time:

10:00am - 02:00pm (Exact time to be arranged by categories)

Time Limit:

2 hours (Score Orienteering Event)


Family Team, Individual (Men/Women), Dual (Men/Women/Mixed), Trio (Mixed), Corporate Team


4 or above (Please refer to Categories to view the age requirements and eligibility qualifications for each individual category)

Enrolment Fee and Donation:

Click here

Enrollment Deadline:

Friday, 17 November 2023 (limited quota; first-come-first-served)



How to Play



Flame Thrower moves swiftly and fiercely, ready to set the whole forest ablaze with the tiniest ember. To repair the burnt forest and prevent further damage, Eco-Rangers (participants) must use a compass and the map provided to finish tree conservation missions in the designated area within 2 hours. Let’s join forces to protect our environment!



Scoring Method:


Family Team (include tree conservation missions)

Eco Rangers will carry out tree conservation missions in the designated area. Eco Rangers who can act quickly and accurately to complete missions will earn the title of "The Strongest"!


Other categories

Points will be awarded according to the number of conservation traces (check points) visited as an orienteering competition.


The team which earns the highest score within the given time limit wins. Teams that exceed the given time limit will have their score deducted accordingly. Should there be a tie with more than one team having the same score, the team with the shorter time wins.



Important Dates




Enrolment deadline (including min. donation)

Friday, 17 November 2023

Online Briefing session1

1 and 2 December 2023 (either one)

Event Day

Sunday, 10 December 2023

Closing date for donation

Monday, 18 December 2023

Issue and send out donation receipts

January 2024

1A confirmation email will be sent upon receiving the official enrolment.







No. of Participants


Minimum Donation Fee

Family Team3


2 – 4

Must include at least one participant aged between 4 and 121 and an adult family member

Participants aged 13 or above: HK$300/person; Participants aged between 4 and 12: HK$200/person

Individual (Men)3



15 or above1

(Participants aged under 18 must have completed an orienteering training course or participated in a formal orienteering competition2)

HK$350 / person

Individual (Women)3


Dual (Men)3



10 or above1

(Participants aged between 10 and 14 must be accompanied by an adult)

Dual (Women)3


Dual (Mixed)3





Corporate Team4


1 – 4

4 or above1

(Participants aged between 4 and 14 must be accompanied by an adult)

HK$12000 / team4

1A parent or guardian’s written consent is required for all applicants aged under 18. Team leader must be aged 15 or above.

2Relevant certificate or declaration is required.

3Challenger discount: Every team will receive a “challenger discount code” upon registration. If you would like to challenge your friends and see who the best tree carer is, you can send your code to those willing to accept the challenge! Challengers applying with a code will receive a $100 discount (must be in the same category and same gender. e.g. Participants applied for category of Dual (Women). Challengers also have to apply for the category of Dual (Women)). Each code can be used 4 times at most. Once the maximum is reached, the code will become invalid immediately, and any team entering the same code will be charged the full price.

4Business / Corporations are welcome to sponsor corporate team(s) / low-income families / students / non-profit organizations to participate.



Wardrobe suggestions


  • Participants can wear one of the past Eco Rangers event T-shirts
  • Teams are encouraged to wear the same color to show team spirit





*The Conservancy Association (CA) advocates cherishing resources and preventing waste. If the prizes you receive do not meet your needs, we encourage you to consider passing them on to suitable friends or donating them to CA (please contact us by email). Thank you for supporting environmental conservation.


Black Diamond - Lightweight Trucker

Black Diamond - Headlamp

Black Diamond - 14L Backpack

Black Diamond - Color Lantern

Black Diamond - Keychain Light

Freeze Tech - Cooling Arm Sleeves


Airpods case  (1ST & 2ND & PRO)

Apple Watch strap (38/40/41MM & 42/44/45MM)

Apple Watch protective case (40MM & 44MM)

(not included Airpods & Apple Watch)





1st runner up

2nd runner up

Family Team


K's Linell Hat II

Baby Cup (puppy) (with hat cup lid)

Protrek Free Sapphire Membership + 2000 P-Dollar

Moji Color Lantern

Natrual made Baby Fork

Protrek Free Sapphire Membership + 2000 P-Dollar

Baby Cup (puppy) (with hat cup lid)

Natrual made Baby Fork

Protrek Free Sapphire Membership + 2000 P-Dollar

Individual (Men)


BD Lightweight Trucker 

Protrek Free Sapphire Membership + 2000 P-Dollar


Protrek Free Sapphire Membership + 2000 P-Dollar

Moji Color Lantern

Protrek Free Sapphire Membership + 2000 P-Dollar

Individual (Women)


Dual (Men)


BD Lightweight Trucker 

Protrek Free Sapphire Membership + 2000 P-Dollar

Freeze Tech Cooling Arm Sleeves

Protrek Free Sapphire Membership + 2000 P-Dollar

 Astro 250 Headlamp

Protrek Free Sapphire Membership + 2000 P-Dollar

Dual (Women)


Dual (Mixed)




BD Lightweight Trucker 

Protrek Free Sapphire Membership + 2000 P-Dollar


Protrek Free Sapphire Membership + 2000 P-Dollar

ION Keychain Light

Protrek Free Sapphire Membership + 2000 P-Dollar

Corporate Team


Trail Zip 14L Backpack

Protrek Free Sapphire Membership + 2000 P-Dollar


Otterbox accessories

Protrek Free Sapphire Membership + 2000 P-Dollar

12-Junior Cup-Brown (with Laser Protrek30) 
OtterBox accessories

Protrek Free Sapphire Membership + 2000 P-Dollar


Highest Fundraising Award


Minimum Donation Fee



Individual (Men) & (Women)



Personalized Certificate

Team2 – 4 participants

[including Dual (Men, Women, Mixed), Trio, Family Team]



Corporate Team



1 Participants who compete for this award MUST submit their raised funds by 3rd December 2023. Donation submitted after 3rd December 2023 will NOT be counted towards the award.

2 Individuals / Teams that fulfill the corresponding category’s minimum donation fee are all eligible for an award. The minimum donation fee for event registration will also be counted.

3 Each donation marks the support and recognition for each donor towards the works & ideas presented by CA. In order to show the support to CA from the participants, please kindly provide reason(s) for the donation when filling out the enrolment form, which will be printed on the certificate of the winning teams/individuals.




Participants offer



All participant will receive


Protrek 30% off e-coupon


Flash Coffee e-cash coupon ($10 off with min. spend $30)

(to be randomly distributed)



Self Photos / Files - Enrolment & Donations


Apply now 

By Fax, post or in person

Please download (links below) and return completed enrolment form(s) along with bank-in slip/cheque to:


The Conservancy Association

Address: 26 Yen Chow Street West, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon

Email: | Fax: 2728 5538

Whatsapp / Signal: 5541 2062

*Please indicate "Eco-Rangers 2023 Application"


Please read the “Important Notice” carefully before enrolling.

Application Form (Public) Application Form (Corporate) 



  1. The Conservancy Association reserves the right to approve or reject any online enrolment with inappropriate content without prior notice.



Deadline for Enrolment: Friday, 17 November 2023


Official receipts will only be issued to submissions made on or before 18 Dec 2023, which should include the information of all sponsors and/or additional donations.



  1. How do I know if I have successfully enrolled?

Upon receiving the completed enrollment forms and minimum donation, a confirmation email will be sent to you within 7 working days.

  1. What should I do if I cannot receive any email?

The email may be marked as spam, please check your spam or junk mail box. You may contact us at 2728 6781 if you require further assistance.





Additional Donation & Non-participant Donation


Please download and complete the Additional Donation Form and submit by post, fax/email/whatsapp/signal (except for cheque payments) or in person.


If you are unable to attend the event, you are welcome to support CA’s environmental education projects in the form of donations! An official receipt will be issued by the end of January 2024 for donations of HK$100 or above. You may do so online or download and return the completed Non-participant Donation Form stating one of the following donation options:


Option 1: Online Donation 

Option 2: by Cheque

Submit a crossed cheque (payable to "The Conservancy Association") together with the Non-participant Donation Form. Please indicate "Eco-Rangers 2023 Donation" on the envelope and back of the cheque.

Option 3: Bank-in

Transfer your donations to CA’s HSBC cash deposit account "002-5-384140" and send the deposit advice along with the Non-participant Donation Form to The Conservancy Association by post, email or fax (2728 5538). Please indicate "Eco-Rangers 2023 Donation" on the envelope.

Option 4: by Credit Card

Please submit the Non-participant Donation Form by post, email or fax (2728 5538) and indicate “Eco-Rangers 2023 Donation” on the envelope.


The Conservancy Association

Closing Date for Donation:

18th December 2023


26 Yen Chow Street West, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon



2728 6781


2728 5538

*Please indicate "Eco-Rangers 2023 Donation"




Self Photos / Files - News & Media




  Date Media Headline
1 8/10/2023 Yahoo 香港仔女地膽式走走香港仔 一同救山林 長春社生態捍衛戰 2023
2 9/10/2023 hket 長春社『香港仔』X『香港女』地膽式走香港仔 打低火燭鬼護林【生態捍衛戰 2023】野外定向 






Self Photos / Files - Acknowledgement




Self Photos / Files - Eco-Rangers-2023-co-organizer-hkoc-logo




Gold Sponsors


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Media Partners


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Prizes Sponsors


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Supporting Organizations



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Self Photos / Files - er2021_youthcollege


"CA Eco-Rangers 2023" is initiated by The Conservancy Association (CA). Apart from raising funds for CA’s environmental education and tree conservation work, the event also provides a great opportunity for the public to enjoy nature and enhances their environmental awareness.

Corporate partners and organizations may offer their support to "CA Eco-Rangers 2023" by:


Cash donation

Prize sponsorship

In-kind donation and/or service support for the event


Should you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact us by phone at 2272 0306 or by email at