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China Project

Since 1978, the Conservancy Association and mainland China has established a link. At that time, the Youth Environmental Action Group wrote to the Chinese State Environmental Protection Leading Group Officer Qu, building up a communication channel. This was also seen as a prelude to the conservation projects in China years after.

The Conservancy Association Quarterly issued a publication"coordination"took "environmental legislation" as the theme in December,1979, mentioning the newly announced Chinese environmental legislation m. Thereafter,the Conservancy Association and the "Green Office" continuedto keepcontact throughpublications.Upon the reorganization of "Green Office"to become the National Environmental Protection Agencyand the establishment of the Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, the Conservancy Association continued theliaison workwith Professor Qu andThe Secretary Qiang Bing wan, ofthe Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau.

During the 25th Anniversary of the Conservancy Association, the Board also took the opportunity of the World Environment Day toorganize a delegation group to visit Beijing, visiting Professor Qu, the Environmental Protection Agency, and participatingin the First National Youth Environment Forumand the activities held on the World Environment Day(5thJune). CA also established contact with the Forestry Bureau and the Beijing Museum of Natural History after the event. The meeting enabledthe Conservancy Association and the Beijing Museum of Natural History to compromise an agreement, for the sake of supportingthe publication of the science magazine "Nature".

Since the 1990s, CA has established the China Committee to promote different china Projects, including “Bawangling Hainan Gibbon Nature Reserve”, “Baima Snow Mountain Black Snub Nose Monkey Nature Reserve” and “Adopting a Panda Scheme” in the early years. And in recent years, as relatively large and important projects, we have "Green gifts for the motherland" and "Yunnan Biogas Energy Plan".

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