Our Work

Q1:What purpose does the used clothes collection service provided by CA serve?

From the perspective of environmental protection, CA aims to promote the concept of “reuse old clothing” in order to extend their life and to achieve the principle of waste reduction. Also, CA raise people’s awareness on waste reduction throughout different kind of environmental activities. We hope that all of us can cherish what we already have and reject excessive consumption.

Q2:There are different used clothes collection banks within all 18 districts in Hong Kong, which recycling banks are operated by The Conservancy Association?

For your information, the front of CA’s used clothes recycling banks are posted with our name, contact number, and email. Please click here for the detail locations.

Q3:How does your organization handle the collected used clothes?

A small percentage of our collected used clothes will be donated to the people in need or charities, while the majority will be exported to Southeast Asian countries (e.g. Cambodia) for reuse purpose.

Q4:Apart from clothes, what other items can also be accepted by your recycling banks?

We only accept clothes, shoes, plush toys, handbags and backpacks, others will not be accepted.

Q5:Could winter clothing be recycled?

Yes, but we do not recommend large amounts of donation as there is limited demand for winter clothing in Southeast Asian countries. To properly reuse those winter clothing, we suggest donors consider giving away those clothing to your relatives and friends or those in need locally through various online/social platforms.

Q6:I accidentally put my belongings into the recycling bank, what should I do?

If you want to look for lost belonging(s) after a drop-off, please call our service hotline (2728 6781) ASAP and provide detail information for our further handling [e.g. location of the recycling bank, date/time of donation and/or describe the appearance of your belonging(s)]. There is no guarantee that any lost items can be retrieved.

Q7:I saw someone stealing from the recycling bank, what should I do?

Please note down the place, time and process of the incident, and contact us for follow-up. Whenever circumstances permit, please take a record of the incident. To determine whether our staff is collecting used clothes, you can pay attention to the surrounding to see whether there are recycling cages or truck.

Q8:If my housing estate/ organization intends to organize used clothes recycling activities, how could CA help?

Used Clothes Collection for the Environment (short term) and Get Fund Scheme (long-term) are designed for housing estate/organization, please click here for more details. If you are interested in bartering activities or used clothes recycling related activities, please contact our service hotline at 2728 6781.