16 groups jointly propose a 1,120-hectare Country Park to protect the important resources at the Robin’s Nest area

16 groups have jointly announced a joint statement on the expectations on the upcomingdesignation of Robin's Nest Country Park(RNCP). The groups urge Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) to conserve areas of high ecological, historical, cultural, landscape conservation significance under the Country Park systemas soon as possible, and to protect and strengthen the important terrestrial ecological corridor between Hong Kong and mainland China. A RNCP boundary was proposed for the consideration of AFCD, covering 1,120 hectares of land with over 95% of government land. The conservation importance of RNCP has long been recognized by the Government. Roy Ng Hei Man,...

No conflict between housing and the sea. Groups jointly urged for withdrawal of "Lantau Tomorrow Vision" and adopts "brownfield first" principle

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Updated survey findings indicate the ecological importance of East Lantau waters Groups urge the Government to abandon “Lantau Tomorrow”

(22 March, 2019) In response to the Government’s announcement of the preliminary estimated cost for “Lantau Tomorrow” (referred to “reclamation” below), today 7 environmental and concerned groups report their preliminary findings of ecological surveys and argue against the Government’s claim of “central waters is relatively ecologically less sensitive”. Their surveys recorded an active nest of the nationally Class II protected White-bellied Sea Eagle and the Bogadek’s Burrowing Lizard endemic to Hong Kong on Sunshine Island, and also the very rare Sea Pen in the central waters. These findings reflects the East Lan...