Develop first, No conservation Lantau will be an Ugly Duckling Green groups urge for implementation of conservation plan and traffic restriction first

Green groups strongly object to any large-scale development such as East Lantau Metropolis and the strategic road systems and request the government to make conservation the top priority for Lantau development, to safeguard the rich biodiversity and the close relationship between humans and nature on Lantau. The groups have presented a list of conservation measures (including traffic restriction) it urges the government to implement. The First-term Work Report made by Lantau Development Advisory Committee (LanDAC) has been submitted to the Administration on January 2016. This report proposed massive, “creative” and unassessed developments such as East Lantau Metropolis, super...

Joint letter for proper conservation of Sha Lo Tung

15th March 2016 Mrs Lam Cheng Yuet Ngor, Carrie, GBS, JP Chief Secretary for Administration Chief Secretary for Administration’s Private Office (E-mail: Mr Chan Mo Po, Paul, MH, JP Secretary for Development Development Bureau (E-mail: Mr Wong Kam Sing, JP Secretary for Environment Environment Bureau (E-mail: Dear Mrs Lam, Mr Chan and Mr Wong, Joint letter for proper conservation of Sha Lo Tung The undersigned groups are gravely concerned over the recent, extensive illegal site formation works involving extensive vegetation removal in Sha Lo Tung. This was apparently undertaken by trespasser onto the land...

CA's comment on 2016 Policy Address

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