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Wall Trees Conservation

Wall Trees are trees that grow on masonry retaining walls. As the technique declined after 1930s, most wall trees are found in areas where the earliest development too place, especially on Hong Kong Island (Central & Western District and Wan Chai District). Most wall trees belong to the genus Ficus. The seeds of the ficus trees could grow in the crevices between the rocks, leading to wall trees with unique and special appearance.

Wall trees are integration of natural phenomena and man-made architecture. Many wall trees in Hong Kong are mature trees and bore witness to the history of Hong Kong. The added benefits of greening the community and ameliorating air pollution make them treasures of our city. It took years for a wall tree to mature and the formation was purely coincidental. Wall trees are threatened by worsening growing environment and development. When a wall tree falls, it is not possible to plant another one on the same spot. As such, wall trees should be well protected.

Wall Trees in Lung Chu Street
Wall Trees in Forbes Street