Issue 167 (Apr 2018)

UNINGO IN TAIWAN – International Conference on Environmental Sustainability

In Mid March, we (Terence, Education Team & Kami, Conservation Team) received an opportunity to participate in “UNINGO IN TAIWAN – International Conference on Environmental Sustainability”. This sudden trip to Taichung was made because of the invitation from Taiwan Philanthropic Study Institution, to take up the role of panelists(it’s a surprise!). Knowing the theme was Global Sustainability and the fact that members from different Asian countries would attend together with Taiwan local ones, we were curious to take this chance in order to understand about this organization and the event. To both of us, Taichung was a new place. It’s a very down-to-the-earth...

Long Valley Night Safari 2018

Long Valley Wetland is one of remaining freshwater-agricultural wetland in Hong Kong. Apart from a wide variety of birds, it is the important habitat for amphibians. During summer time each year, it is the peak season of amphibians!Tree frog, toad, paddy frog and painted frog are the common species in Long Valley. Our tour guides will not only lead participants to observe amphibians, but also listen to the calls in order to identify different species. We hope you can find out the lovely side of amphibians and understand the ecology of agriculture deeply. Finally, you will know more about the threats of urbanization to amphibians. Details:

Rice transplanting

During Easter holiday, members of Ecopaddy Club started to plant rice in Long Valley. The weather was unpredictable so sometimes we were sweating because of hot weather. However, we felt cold because it was chilly on another day, we still need to go to paddy field to pull up and transplant the rice seedlings! Although everyone was shaking, it doesn’t affect our passion to plant rice for nature conservation! Now the roots of seedlings were inserted into soil in order to absorb nutrients and water. Some of them have been in tillering stage already (which means the development of tillers and more leaves). Therefore, we are going to apply topdressing on the fields at the beginning of...

Rethink of long-term conservation in Nam Sang Wai after the fire

Adjacent to Mai Po, Wetland of International Importance, Nam Sang Wai has high ecological value and is an indispensable part of the wetland ecosystem. Diverse habitats in Nam Sang Wai, which include fishponds, trees, mudflat and reed bed, provide habitats for birds. It also serves as an important stopover site for migrating birds, including endangered Black-faced Spoonbill. Besides, Great Cormorant roosting in Nam Sang Wai comprises of 30% to 60% of the whole population in Deep Bay. In March 2018, fire broke out in Nam Sang Wai again. Part of the reed bed and trees were damaged, causing disturbance to wild birds. Although reeds could re-grow in a few months, it is worried that...