Issue 181 (Oct 2021)

The little-known truth behind used clothes collection (Part 2)

Previously, we have mentioned the dilemma faced by used clothes collection (UCC), and for Part 2 we would like to have a deeper sharing on the operation of our recycling works, including where the used clothes go and what are the related environmental educationprograms. The Conservancy Association (CA) attaches great importance to recycling work and we understand that the society might have doubts about the ways recycling industry handled recyclables in the past. The reason for doubts may relate to a lack of transparency. When the public is uncertain where the recyclables go, they may also wonder whether the used clothes are being reused properly. In our opinion, we do not want to see...

Eco-Rangers Met Below the Lion Rock

Picture 1 to 4: Eco-Rangers used the collected recyclables and rubbish to create different types of installation art which matched the theme for that location and emphasize the impact of littering. The first public hill cleaning team completed their missions at the Lion Rock Country Park on 17 Oct 2021! On this sunny day after two typhoons, Eco-Rangers formed teams of 4 and went up the hill spontaneously to clean up the hill. Rather than collecting the litter to rubbish bins, Eco-Rangers also sorted the recyclables and managed to assemble the recyclables and rubbish into the shape of Lion Rock. Picture 5: The public hill cleaning team cleaned the Lion Rock Country Park (some...

FRRC Mooncake Recovery Program 2021

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of Hong Kong's most celebrated holidays. Many people were more willing to celebrate the festival this year even our lives are still affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the over-the-head mooncake promotion campaign and advertisements and an overwhelming variety of flavours of mooncakes of all kinds to choose from these days. In addition, a variety of Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake early bird discounts were launched to attract people to buy more mooncakes. FRRC launched the annual mooncake recycling program three weeks before the Mid-Autumn Festival. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and related measurements, promotional booths and activities were not feasible to be...

It’s not time to say goodbye: “No Hill Fire in Chung Yeung Festival” 2021

“See you next Chung Yeung Festival.”? During last year’s Chung Yeung Festival, at least 79 cases of hill fires were reported and one broke out on Kai Kung Leng in Yuen Long even burnt for more than 40 hours. To prevent hill fires and promote “No Hill Fire in Chung Yeung Festival” via launching advertisements on newspaper and social media, not only is the continued support from HK Electric essential, but also every grave sweeper and hiker. You are wanted! Take your litter home and put out incense and “paper money” before you leave. Join us to create a new normal of “No Hill Fire in Chung Yeung Festival”!