Issue 167 (Apr 2018)

CA 50th Anniversary Tree Planting Day

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Used clothes in Cambodia

April is one of the peak periods for used clothes recycling due to the changing of seasons. Have you ever wonder where your clothes are going before putting them into the recycling bank? Used clothing in Hong Kong will generally be exported to developing countries in Southeast Asia and Africa. CA’s in particular will be exported to Southeast Asia such as Cambodia. Due to a wary financial atmosphere within the local recycling industry, the sorting of used clothes gathered from the recycling banks will need to be conducted in the importing country instead to lower operation costs prior to packing, sterilizing and shipping to Southeast Asia for reuse purposes. In order to obtain a...

Green Delight in Estates 17-18

Green Evening Gala is CA’s 1st evening event under the Green Delight in Estates project. The goal is to encourage participants to “bring their own containers” to the event to enjoy the refreshments and scheduled performances. We hope to convey green practices as such are indeed not as difficult as one thinks and consumers should change their reliance on everyday disposable items.Po Tin estate hosted the 1st event with “Green Story Telling” by Green Junior, singing and freestyle football as the feature performances for the evening. Green Junior was well-received by the locals, especially children, while the remaining performers provided a fruitful yet...

Food Resources Recycling Centre (FRRC)

1. Surplus food recovery summary & updatesCA’s food sharing scheme, the Food Resources Recycling Centre (FRRC), was established in July 2013 and sponsored by the Environment and Conservation Fund since August 2014. We aim to encourage more people to participate in food waste reduction and give back to the community through mutual help and sharing! As of the end of March 2018, 212 tons of fresh and packaged food has been recovered by FRRC, which benefited over 100,000 people. In 24th March 2018, students from Tung Wah College’s School of Nursing organized a Food and Health seminar for food receivers from Lei Muk Shue estate. It was FRRC’s first collaboration with other...