Issue 189 (Oct 2023)

No Hill Fire in Chung Yeung, Caution Only We Can

According to the government records, 21 hill fires occurred and 440 trees were damaged within or adjacent to country parks in 2021-2022. Over a 5 years period from 2017 to 2021, 116 hill fires incidents occurred, resulting in the damage of 21,000 trees within or adjacent to country parks. Hill fire incidents continue to consistently burn our country parks. During the Chung Yeung Festival, people go up the hill to pay respect and honour their ancestors near cemeteries. However, hill fires often occur during Spring and Autumn Ancestral Worship ceremonies. If we are careless and leave behind flames in the hill after burning joss papers, fires can quickly spread through the country park,...

Eco-Rangers 2023

During the pandemic, Plastic Trasher went on a rampage, leaving behind rubbish all over the countryside. To restore the environment to its original state, Eco-Rangers have repeatedly gone to country parks and beaches to engage in hill and beach cleaning. They not only remove litter from mountains, fields, and coastlines but also recycle recyclables left behind by humans, allowing the recyclables to enter the realm of a circular economy. As COVID-19 subsided, the littering problem of the countryside remained unresolved while the threat of global warming crept ever closer. The greenhouse effect has led to rising temperatures on Earth; nowhere is safe from the attack of heatwaves. The Hong...

Green Season Greetings from Jockey Club - The Conservancy Association Urban Forestry Green Hub

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Update: Used Clothes Recycling Services - Resumption of“Door-to-door” Pickup Service and Additional Dropoff Point

Autumn is the season to edit your closet and meanwhile, you may find some clothes that no longer fit. You may wish to donate them to the needy through the used clothes recycling services. The Conservancy Association (CA) has been providing used clothing recycling banks for donors to drop off their clothes. However, some people haven’t had a chance to do so due to the great amount of donation items or being too far from the banks. The good news is that CA has altogether resumed and newly launched two used clothes recycling services to provide more convenient options for the public! 1. Service resumed: “Door-to-door” Pickup Service Door-to-door pickup service has been...