Issue 183 (Apr 2022)


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The 5th wave of Coronavirus outbreak arrangement of FRRC

Due to the fifth wave Coronavirus outbreak, FRRC was temporarily closed to ensure the safety of our staff, volunteers and visitors and to reduce the risk of community/ cross-infection in early March. A huge thank you to our long-term partner, Feeding Hong Kong, for its generous donation and helpful arrangement. Many members were understandably aware that we suspended the FRRC’s service during the peak of the fifth coronavirus wave. We have resumed the surplus food recovery from Lei Muk Shue Wet Market and Tsing Yi Wet Market since 20th April. We hope FRRC can manage all we can under these extraordinary circumstances to share food and supplies with our members, and we thank you for...

Chinese New Year Festive Food Recovery Program 2022 Recap

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues in Hong Kong, restrictions on public gatherings have limited the number of participants and the frequency of face-to-face educational activities like recycling booths and workshops. Promotion through TV shows and online platforms was adopted for the second year to show the general public how to be more eco-conscious when celebrating the Chinese New Year in different aspects and promote the Chinese New Year Festive Food Recycling Program. We hope to inspire people to enjoy the festivals in an eco-friendly way, raise the public’s awareness of food waste reduction and cultivate proper food handling and the food-wise habit in daily life. FRRC...