Issue 172 (Jul 2019)

Tree Journal (35) Resolving problems from the roots

On 9th May 2019, a 12m tall Flame Tree (Delonix regia) failed in a car park area within a private estate in Hung Hom, which injured a pedestrian. By our on visit observations, there was a large central cavity at the broken section and some roots could also be found growing around the tree trunk (Photo 1). What was the major reason for a tree with that many roots yet still failed? To answer this question, we have to revisit the knowledge about the roots of trees. The “root” of tree survivalTree crown, trunk and roots are the major organs of trees. As the foundation of a tree, roots provide support and anchorage to all trees. In addition, roots are responsible for...

The Paradox of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is attractive to many due to its low price and rapid trend cycles, which also changed the traditional clothing consumption pattern. Even though the quality of fast fashion clothing is generally lower and less durable, price and style remain the most important purchasing criteria for the consumers. However, producing clothes requires certain cost so why brands are able to offer such a low price on these clothes? In order to reduce cost, the manufacturer must try to cut back on material and labour costs that may lead to exploitations of labour as well as the environment. Starting with materials, manufacturers often use the cheapest and the most efficient chemicals and mat...

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Golden Paddy Field

Days of shower and sunny seems quite balanced this early summer and more importantly there are no serious flooding and typhoon, therefore, growth of paddy is very satisfactory. Weather was very nice on weekends, so our colleagues visited the golden scenic Long Valley to take some quality pictures. Both sunshine and water are crucial for the growth of paddy. Burning sun evaporates water in fields quickly while cloudy and rainy weather increase the chance of pest invasion. This season, even our old farmer appraised their growth and laughed: where are those hungry birds? In our experiences, Munia had gathered in large flock eating the rice granules 2 weeks before harvest. However, we seldom...

Coming Soon!!! Hang Seng - CA Eco-Rangers 2019 Orienteering Competition

Come & Join us - The Battle for a Better FutureThe Eco-Rangers Orienteering Competition will return on 29th October (Sun). Who will be the Big Boss of this year? He is extremely powerful & ferocious! Let’s see how our Eco Rangers defeat the boss and other monsters with special seals from various check points to claim the throne!▶ Hang Seng - CA Eco-Rangers 2019 Orienteering Competition▶ Sunday, 27 October 2019▶ Pak Sin Leng Country Park - Hok Tau