Issue 184 (Jul 2022)

Hang Seng x CA Plantation Enrichment Programme 2022 – Tree Planting Day June 22

Here comes the rainy season – which is also the growing season for planted seedlings. Heavy rain moisturizes the soil and provides sufficient water for newly planted seedlings for their early establishment and growth; so it is the best time for tree planting! Nevertheless, adverse weather is one of the greatest challenges for organizing a tree planting day. Hang Seng x CA Plantation Enrichment Programme 2022 Tree Planting Day was held on 12 June 2022. The challenges we faced were not only Thunderstorm Warning in force in that morning, but also heavy rain in the week before which turned the planting site into slippery and muddy slope. As rain gradually eased off by noontim...

Event review - Workshops of After-Death Arrangements (Chinese version only)

Food Resources Recycling and Food Assistance Service promotional booth

FRRC completed three promotional booth activities between May and July. During the booth activities, we promoted our Food Assistance Service and surveyed to research what resources people most need during a pandemic outbreak. A total of 464 participants have completed the survey. 39% of them said they needed protective gears, whiled 25% of them needed staple food. Meanwhile, 18% of them needed fruits and vegetables, and another 18% needed packaged food. In addition, 7 people registered as volunteers and 59 people applied for the Food Assistance Service. What an encouraging response!

Mooncake Recovery Program 2022

Mid-Autumn Festival will be on 10 September, which is earlier than usual. FRRC launches our mooncake recycling activity from 15 August to 14 September, and you can donate mooncakes to our Centre. We encourage the sharing of surplus mooncakes as well as the festive blessings. Mooncake Donation requirements: Traditional Mooncakes, Icy Mooncakes and Ice Cream Mooncakes, Unexpired Mooncakes vouchers, vegetable and fruit hampers and food gift vouchers. Unopened and in good condition Yet to expire or pass its “Best before” or “Used by” date. Donation Period: 15th Aug - 14th Sep 2022 MON to FRI 1400 - 2100 (except public holidays) Drop-off Location:...

FRRC resumed our service starting in mid-April

FRRC has gradually resumed our service starting from mid-April after the 5th wave of COVID 19, yet we stay alert in hygiene measurements and crowd-control to safeguard the health of our visitors. We received donation of food and protection gears and managed to distribute them to those in need in our community.