Issue 190 (Jan 2024)

Eco-Rangers 2023 Wraps Up Successfully

The Conservancy Association's annual fundraising activity, Eco Rangers 2023, came to a successful conclusion on 10 December 2023. Over two hundred individuals participated and attended the event. Amidst the pandemic, Eco Rangers, which originally focused on orienteering competitions, transformed into a combination of online and offline activities aimed at protecting the environment. From 2021 to 2022, Eco-Rangers focused on assembling teams of hill and beach cleaners who took it upon themselves to venture into the countryside parks and coastlines, tirelessly clearing litter and restoring the natural beauty of these landscapes. Concurrently, we implemented recycling measures to ensure that...

Activity Review: Used Clothes Recycling Day in Fairview Park

During 11th and 12th November 2023, CA and The Owners' Association of Fairview Park jointly organised a used clothes recycling day in the estate. Fairview Park has been supporting our Used Clothes Recycling Programme for many years. Many families brought several big bags of clothes to the recycling station and joined in the environmental protection effort. On the event day, we were responsible to receive the used clothes and sort them out in the collection cages. Once the cages were full, the drivers would empty them for the next round of drop-off. Many residents participated in the event even though the first day of the event was drizzling. By the end of the event, the drivers had...