Issue 180 (Jul 2021)


An enormous amount (>3,600 tonnes) of food waste is produced daily in Hong Kong, this food wasting issue has to be stopped before we put our nature in serious jeopardy. We encourage schools and education centres to co-host a ‘FOOD WISE WEEK’ with us, to reveal the food waste issue in HK as well as educating students to be mindful in handling food as a daily practice. Activities include, Talk / Sharing Food Recycling Station Game Booth To apply: *If you are interested / for enquiries: 5541 1701 /

Do you know what is in season?

Do you know what is in season? Under the pandemic, since we can’t go out and dine in restaurants, many people started to develop the habit of cooking at home. Now that we all have to be the chef, it’s the perfect time to get to know more about the ingredients and the seasonal vegetables and fruits in the market. This time, we would like to share with you the fruits and vegetables grown in Hong Kong, to practice ‘eat local seasonal produces’. Choosing the right species and varieties, along with growing produces under the local climate, will help the crops grow healthier with fewer pests and diseases. Therefore, the use of pesticides and fertilizers will also be...

“Used Clothes Collection for the Environment” - Recycling Competition for Schools 2022

The Conservancy Association (CA) has been keen on various environmental issues, with “Used Clothes Collection for the environment” being one of our long-term projects. The collected used clothes will be packed and sterilize locally prior to exporting to Southeast Asia for reuse purposes, so as to achieve the goal of making good use of resources. In recent years, we are glad to see the rise of public awareness in environmental protection while hoping that the future civil society could have further improvement in waste reduction at source as well as recycling. We believed it is necessary to take coordinated and simultaneous actions in waste reduction, reuse and recycling with...

Hang Seng-CA Eco-Rangers 2020 Tree Planting Day

It takes 10-20 years for seedlings to grow, yet, hill fires burn off vegetation and wildlife habitat in the blink of an eye. In times of pandemic, hiking has become a rising trend. To promote and execute works of forest rehabilitation and conservation, CA has organized a series of activities, including Short Video Competition, online workshops and promotion booths, under Hang Seng-CA Eco-Rangers 2020 New Mission. The last activity of the event, Hang Seng-CA Eco-Rangers 2020 Tree Planting Day, gathered near 100 Eco-Rangers from 16 different corporates, organizations and NGOs to plant 1500 seedlings of local species in Tai Tong tree planting site, Tai Lam Country Park to enhance biodiversity...