Issue 168 (Jul 2018)

“Used Clothes Collection – Get Fund Scheme” Activity Review

The Used Clothes Collection program has been established by The Conservancy Association since 2000. The main objectives of the scheme are to reduce textile wastage by providing a used clothes collection platform for schools, housing estates and the community; and encourage people to donate their clothes for reuse. A total of 94 housing estates are currently enrolled in the Used Clothes Collection – Get Fund Scheme. Reward points accumulated from the collection of used clothes could be reimbursed as eco-friendly gifts, eco-tours or educational activities to raise the public’s awareness on environmental protection. A number of housing estates redeemed their reward points in...

The Big Debate on Land Supply – Country Park should not be an option

The former Chief Executive CY Leung has proposed in his Policy Address to study the development of public housings on the periphery of country parks. Since then, the government has repeatedly attributed the housing issues to country parks. In May 2018, Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) has been invited by the government to undertake a study on ecological value and development potential of two areas on periphery of country parks. Meanwhile, The Task Force on Land Supply (Task Force) was established under the Development Bureau in September 2017. The Task Force has selected 18 land supply options and initiated The Big Debate on Land Supply. “Developing two pilot areas on the periphery of...