Issue 169 (Oct 2018)

Lotus Root Harvesting – Eco-paddy Activity

Lotus roots were hidden underneath the deep soil. Although they were well protected under the super typhoon, they fail to escape from our gluttonous members! We expect to enjoy the activity in the cool autumn breeze, however, it turns out that we have to suffer from the burning sun, back-pain and muddy body in order to get a taste of the fresh local lotus roots! To locate the roots, we first need to follow the withered leaves and stems which was the “easiest” way farmers taught us. Once we locate the roots, we need to uncover it by repeatedly digging all the topsoil away, away and away. Lastly, the roots have to be moved out very gently, otherwise, mud will drain into the roots...

Low Carbon Village in Yunnan (Chinese Only)

Only Available in Chinese!

New technologies to aid the used clothes dilemma

In early October 2018, CA had been invited by The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA) to visit the Novetex Factory, located in Tai Po, to know more about new recycling techniques for handling used clothes. The new recycling techniques, “Up-cycling Post-Consumer Blends Products” and “Post-consumer Blended Textile Separation and Recycling by Hydrothermal Treatment”, use physical, chemical and biological methods to separate cotton-polyester blends and recycle post-consumer garments into fibres. The recycled fibres can then be used to reproduce textiles products such as yarn, fabric and garments. The new techniques can help retain the good...

What the “Big Debate on Land” is?

CA and other green groups had petitioned at Legco on the day of announcement of Policy Address The Chief Executive (CE) in her 2nd Policy Address has announced “Lantau Tomorrow” by increasing the scale of East Lantau artificial island to 1,700 hectares. Putting aside its adverse impact on ecology or reserve, Taskforce on Land Supply has categorically promised to listen to public views during “Big Land Debate on Land”, such as preparing questionnaire (“dim sum order form”) to tick land options to solve land deficit of 1,200 hectares. Given the time constraint, however, The CE had already confirmed the choice of East Lantau artificial island, also an...