Issue 174 (Jan 2020)

“Used Clothes Collection for the Environment” - Recycling Competition for Schools 2020

The Conservancy Association (CA) has been keen on various environmental issues, with “Used Clothes Collection for the environment” being one of our long-term projects. The collected used clothes will be packed and sterilize locally prior to exporting to Southeast Asia for reuse purposes, so as to achieve the goal of making good use of resources. In recent years, we are glad to see the rise of public awareness in the sense of environmental protection while hoping that the future civil society could have further improvement in waste reduction at source as well as recycling. We believed it is necessary to take coordinated and simultaneous actions in waste prevention, recycling and...

CA’s Top Environmental Concerns and Issues for 2019

Over the past year, in the midst of a HK wide social turmoil, The Conservancy Association (CA) continued our work on “being a constructive pressure group monitoring government policy on environmental protection and facilitating the formulation of environmental policies” as always. We are committed to promoting social sustainability. The following are the major environmental issues followed by CA in the past year: 1. Oppose Lantau Tomorrow VisionIn March 2019, the government announced the estimated cost for “Lantau Tomorrow Vision” Project and proposed that “the Central Waters between Hong Kong Island and Lantau have good potential for developing artificial...