Issue 184 (Jul 2022)

San Tau nature conservation and sustainable use of nature resources – an education and engagement project

The Conservancy Association was honorably invited by local villagers to work together and launched “San Tau Nature Conservation and Sustainable Use of Nature Resources – an Education and Engagement Project” funded by Lantau Conservation Fund in 2021. The project invited the local community, schools and general public to participate in ecological surveys and investigate the impact from shellfish digging activities on local ecology. We believe that through active engagement, the project could raise participant’s awareness on conservation of rural villages and natural resources. Data collected from the project will be used for education purposes and also facilitate the...

Calculate Your Clothing

Have you ever counted how many pieces of clothing you have at home? 30? 50? The actual number may be far beyond your imagination! According to a survey done by Greenpeace in 2016, each person in Hong Kong owns about 94 pieces of clothing (Note 1)! When we bought these 94 pieces of clothing, the resources we consumed is it only these 94 pieces of light cotton wool? There are only less than 1% fresh water on Earth is available for our consumption (Note 2). However, the production of clothes requires a lot of water such as irrigation for cotton cultivation and washing and dyeing in garment processing. Take the production of one cotton t-shirt as an example, it consumes ab...