Issue 166 (Jan 2018)

“Critically Endangered” Yellow-breasted Bunting

On 5th December 2017, Yellow-breasted Bunting has officially up-listed to “Critically Endangered”. Yellow-breasted Bunting, named as rice bird, was a famous dish in Chinese food culture. Although it is now illegal to sell or consume rice bird in mainland China, black market is still very active. The species has been up-listed four times over the past 14 years and is now facing extremely high risk of extinction. 2018 was established as “International Year of Yellow-breasted Bunting” by the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society. In the coming year, the Conservancy Association and the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society will join together to organize a series of themed...

Green Building Management in Kowloon City

Together with the end of 2017, all activities under the project were finished, with quite good responses. Attendances were more than satisfactory (especially the two visits, where enrollment went fast!). Visiting Efarm was an enriching organic farming encounter; whilst Kowloon Bay Plastic Sorting Centre and Cartias Computer Workshop showed us the challenging side behind the local recycling work. For the two Green Building Management Seminar and Workshops, we were happy to see the sincere discussion upon the fruitful sharings by our guest speakers. We could see the passion of bringing the valuable experiences to communities. Right before the project closing, Education Team will produce a...

ART Bathing

Education Team was happy to be invited to participate in an Arts-based flea market named ART Bathing in early December. The team brought some of the up-cycled wood products made in the past two years to share with visitors. In the same evening, a glass bottle etching and upcycling workshop was held in the Vault, on the ground floor. We look forward to joining ART Bathing again in the future!

Big Wasters, Big Savers –Kids Greenway Achievement Ceremony cum Green Day Community Event

Education Team took part in another community event in West Kowloon Cultural District on 2nd Dec 2017. This was organized by the Child Education Centre for Teaching & Learning, IVE. Facing the beautiful view of Victoria Harbour, representatives from schools, kindergartens, cultural groups and green groups had the marquee games in the park. With waste reduction as the theme, we brought our new game “Recycling Party” there. This was a challenging encounter for both kids and adults! This time, we not only gained valuable experiences, but also got another side of feeling while participating in a carnival-based event which will be shared on the Facebook fans page of the...

Urban Forestry

Coming Soon!